I got two new plants this year.

They are the same species. They came from the same parent plant. When I first got them, they were the same size.

It was still summertime, so I put both of them outside, on my balcony. The only difference I made about them was their positioning. One, I put right there in the forefront, into the blazing sun. The other one, I gave a bit of shade, shielding it from the harsh sunlight, anticipating the brightness to probably burn it.

The two plants developed very differently, to my surprise.

The one that I trusted to be able to fend for itself, I had unknowingly exposed to everything it needed to grow into a beautiful, lush plant, by not protecting it.

The other is hesitant to grow at all, looking fragile and weak, and even when I then did put it in the sun next to its sister-plant, trying to fix my mistake, it never developed these healthy leaves.

It’s growing, too. But never with quite the same beautiful bushiness.

And this, my dear, is life.

plants1I can’t afford cats, SO…


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